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Keep Your Car Cool In The Orlando Heat

Keep Your Car Cool In The Orlando Heat
Heatwaves and Orlando go hand in hand. With that in mind, you want to ensure your car’s air conditioner is in good working order this summer season. That includes ensuring that it has enough refrigerant to blow cool air. If it does not, you will need to recharge your car’s... [read more]

Learn About ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance Plan

handsome young Hispanic crashed with his car using his cell phone. road safety concept
Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. That includes making payments on time, keeping up on insurance, and having it serviced regularly. Also, you have to pay for repairs. But if you buy a sedan or SUV from Central Florida Toyota in Orlando, Florida, or another brand dealership,... [read more]

Check Out The 2023 Highlander

2023 Highlander
The Highlander has long been considered one of the best midsize SUVs on the market, but Toyota still made improvements for the 2023 model. This year’s model has a new engine and some cool extras that enhance the driving experience. Get the scoop on the 2023 Toyota Highlander, and find... [read more]

Is It Time To Change Your Oil?

Close up of the hand of an asian mechanic. Auto mechanic is checking the engine oil in a vehicle at the garage. Maintenance concept.
Changing the oil is a regular but essential part of your car maintenance. And many people think they know how often they should change the oil in their car. But you might not have the timing down as well as you think. Learn more about changing your car’s oil and... [read more]

Gifts For Your Car Loving S/O

Lego Sports Car
Show your car-obsessed significant other you know them this year with a car-themed gift! Whether they like to work on cars, enjoy fun gifts, are a racing fan, or anything in-between, AutoWeek has many options you can choose from! Grab your wallet and start to pursue these awesome gifts. Tool Gifts A... [read more]

Choosing The Right Toyota For Your Budget

New Toyota Vehicles in a Row at Car Dealership
Having the Toyota of your dreams is important, but what is more important is having one you can afford. Having a vehicle you love means nothing if you cannot finance the car. However, NerdWallet has your back with these tips for money management. By following these, and knowing the lingo,... [read more]

Water Fording: What It Is And How To Do It Safely

A big four by four off road car crossing a river.
When you're putting the off-roading chomps of a new vehicle to the test, don't forget to check out its water fording abilities. Not sure what water fording is? No worries. Keep reading to find out what water-fording capabilities are and how to make sure your vehicle is ready to do... [read more]

Consider Toyota Certified Pre-Owned

Shot of a car salesman handing over keys to a customer
When it comes to car shopping, it's no secret there are endless options. From mighty pickups to spacious SUVs, and budget-friendly sedans, with Toyota, you have plenty of vehicles to choose from. Although, often, the tougher decision is deciding whether you should purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. What if... [read more]

Is It Time For An Oil Change?

oil dipstick
There are few things more vital to the health of your vehicle than lubricating oil. Not only does it improve performance and extend the life of your vehicle, it also helps prevent any serious issues that could arise as a result of inadequate lubrication. Most oil change service centers will... [read more]