Learn About ToyotaCare’s Roadside Assistance Plan

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Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. That includes making payments on time, keeping up on insurance, and having it serviced regularly. Also, you have to pay for repairs. But if you buy a sedan or SUV from Central Florida Toyota in Orlando, Florida, or another brand dealership, you’ll have less to worry about. That’s because of ToyotaCare.

Looking Out for Its Customers

Not only does Toyota build exceptional cars, but it also takes good care of its customers. That goes beyond the outstanding service you’ll receive when shopping for a new sedan or SUV. This automaker created a unique plan that’ll save you money and give you peace of mind.

After all, Toyota works hard to build and maintain customer relationships. That’s why you can drive an incredible vehicle with confidence.


It’s not uncommon for different automakers to offer customers a maintenance and repair plan. But Toyota came up with a solution that’s almost too good to be true. Called ToyotaCare, it’s a remarkable way to ensure your vehicle performs optimally and safely.

This plan benefits all Toyota car owners. Even so, it’s especially valuable if you have children. Whether driving them to school, different events, or on road trips, you want them riding in a well-maintained vehicle.

Plan Highlights

To appreciate this amazing plan, here are some of its highlights.

Zero Cost

ToyotaCare isn’t like other plans that people have to pay for. That’s right, as someone who owns a Toyota vehicle, you can take advantage of this plan without paying a dime.

Scheduled Maintenance

This plan covers standard factory-scheduled maintenance. Even better, you’ll have free coverage for 25,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. You need to have your vehicle serviced anyway. So this plan makes that easier and more convenient.

A certified technician will perform all the work and keep a complete history of every visit. As a bonus, Toyota will remind you when your car’s due for its next service. That way, you can stay on top of everything done to your car.

The following are the things covered under the ToyotaCare plan for scheduled maintenance.

  • Tire rotation
  • Oil filter and engine oil replacement
  • Fluid inspection and adjustment, if needed
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection

Roadside Assistance

Particularly if you have kids, the last thing you want is to become stranded with no one to help. As part of ToyotaCare, you’ll have 24-hour roadside assistance. Again, it’s included at no charge for two years. Besides, there isn’t a mileage restriction for using the service.

This part of the plan includes multiple things, such as those listed below.

  • Towing
  • Lockout protection
  • Tire service
  • Winching
  • Battery jump start
  • Emergency fuel delivery

As you can see, the ToyotaCare plan provides protection and security in common situations. For example, if your vehicle ends up in a ditch, they’ll have a qualified individual winch it out. If your car doesn’t start, an expert will jump the battery. Also, if you run out of gas, they’ll deliver some to your location.

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An Outstanding Plan

In simple terms, the ToyotaCare plan enables Toyota owners to enjoy their time on the road. Whether you want to buy a new vehicle or need more information about the plan, contact Central Florida Toyota in Orlando, Florida.

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