Do Something Special For Dad

Do Something Special For Dad

Quality time is the best gift you can give your dad on Father’s Day. The only question is, what should you do? Get the scoop on some Father’s Day ideas that will make the holiday special and memorable.

Knock Out a Project Together

Does your dad always take on projects, such as making birdhouses or planting veggies? If so, you can give him a helping hand this Father’s Day. He’ll love showing you the ropes and enjoy spending one-on-one time with you. Of course, he’ll also appreciate knocking an item off his to-do list.

Go Bird Watching

Bird watching is a popular pastime in Orlando, and you can do it with your dad this Father’s Day. You don’t even have to venture out to spot some birds. Instead, you can grab some binoculars and a blanket and set up shop in the backyard. Be sure to bring a list of birds you might see, too. Then you can work your way down the list, trying to spot them all.

Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle Together

If your dad loves puzzles, you can work on one together on Father’s Day. While any puzzle will work, you can go the extra mile and have one customized. For instance, you can do a puzzle with your favorite photos of you and your dad or some heartfelt sayings. That’ll make the quality time all the more special.

Listen to His Favorite Tunes

When you were a kid, you probably groaned when your dad had control of the radio. You can make up for that by spending some time listening to his favorite music on Father’s Day. Along with the tunes, your dad can share some stories about what those songs and artists mean to him. Plus, you can even share some of your favorites with your dad.

Go Bowling

It’s probably been a while since you’ve gone bowling with your dad, but you can change that on Father’s Day. Enjoy friendly competition and some quality time while engaging in this activity. Your dad can even show you some of his skills so you can get some strikes, too.

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Go for a Drive

If you want to enjoy conversation and gorgeous scenery, hop in the car and go for a scenic drive with your dad. The area has many scenic routes, including the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. Just think of all the stories you’ll hear while immersing yourself in nature.

As you can see, you don’t have to buy a gift to ensure your dad has a fantastic Father’s Day. Consider going with quality time this year so that you can make some lasting memories.

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