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Water Fording: What It Is And How To Do It Safely

A big four by four off road car crossing a river.
When you're putting the off-roading chomps of a new vehicle to the test, don't forget to check out its water fording abilities. Not sure what water fording is? No worries. Keep reading to find out what water-fording capabilities are and how to make sure your vehicle is ready to do... [read more]

Consider Toyota Certified Pre-Owned

Shot of a car salesman handing over keys to a customer
When it comes to car shopping, it's no secret there are endless options. From mighty pickups to spacious SUVs, and budget-friendly sedans, with Toyota, you have plenty of vehicles to choose from. Although, often, the tougher decision is deciding whether you should purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. What if... [read more]

Is It Time For An Oil Change?

oil dipstick
There are few things more vital to the health of your vehicle than lubricating oil. Not only does it improve performance and extend the life of your vehicle, it also helps prevent any serious issues that could arise as a result of inadequate lubrication. Most oil change service centers will... [read more]