7 Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

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If you live in an older home or a big city apartment, you probably struggle with organizing things in a small space. However, this problem also affects people where they’re employed. Maybe they have a tiny work area that makes their jobs difficult. Regardless of the situation, these storage solutions will help you overcome the challenges of small spaces.

Whether a bedroom closet, work area, bathroom cabinet, mud room, or an entire kitchen, here are some fantastic solutions.

Go Vertical

Many people don’t take advantage of vertical space. For instance, if you have a tiny kitchen, you can hang your pots and pans from a rack. For a small bathroom, install vertical shelving instead of using horizontal space.

Use Closet Organizers

Again, older homes and big-city apartments are notorious for having small spaces. Rather than pile things up, invest in some closet organizers. You can find these at home improvement stores, as well as through online merchants. Some companies even customize organizers. A cheaper route is to use baskets and bins inside your closet.

Store Things Out of Sight

One of the many challenges of a small space is that it’s often in plain view. That makes it hard to make your home look and feel clean and tidy. A flip-top coffee table is a great solution. You can store CDs, blankets, pictures, and other items inside. You can also store certain items behind a sofa or under your bed.

Utilize Multipurpose Furniture

In addition, you can use one piece of furniture for several purposes. For example, you could buy a set of stacking tables or a display ladder that converts into a desk. You could even opt for a murphy bed. Since the furniture won’t take up as much room as conventional furniture, you’ll have a place for a standing storage cabinet.

Use Every Nook and Cranny

You likely have plenty of these in your home and at work. If you have kitchen cabinets with an open yet somewhat tight space in between, you could hang a small fruit basket. This makes every inch more efficient.

Remove Items From the Floor

Especially in a small space, anything on the floor will make it appear cluttered. Not only that, but the things could pose a safety risk. So, instead of leaving a child’s toys lying around, install vertical cubes. However, if you do this in a child’s room, secure the cubes to the wall to prevent them from tipping over.

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Get Rid of Unused or Unwanted Items

Sometimes, getting rid of things you no longer want or use is the best way to organize a small space. Whether donating clothes from your closet, old cookware, or books you’ve read several times, you’ll have quite a bit more room.

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