Halloween Safety Tips Every Parent Should Enforce

Kids trick or treating

Kids trick or treating

It’s practically here. Time to go trick-or-treating. And while ghosts and superheroes and all sorts of characters will haunt the night in the name of good fun, there are a few real dangers out there to watch for. That’s why we’re suggesting these Halloween safety tips every parent should enforce.

Look Both Ways

You might have already been telling them this ever since they took that first steps. Look both ways. Left. Right. Left again. But there are certain times when that directive a little hard to remember until it becomes second nature. And one of those is Halloween. After all, what kid is immune from distraction in the midst of a candy collection free for all? It’s a dream come true. That’s why a reminder from you is really important before they head out to trick-or-treat.

Tell Your Teens To Drive Safe

Halloween safety tips don’t apply only to trick-or-treaters. Once your kid hits driving age and gets behind the wheel, they need a whole new set of safety rules. And a little extra reminder will definitely be in order if they hit the road on All Hallows Eve. After all, they’re new drivers. Tell them to take it slow in neighborhoods and be extra careful watching for kids running from house to house.

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Is The Candy Safe To Eat?

You’ve heard the tales about inedible things hidden in candy. Well, fortunately, a quick fact check will tell you that those reports are perfect examples of urban legends that grew out of control.  No harm in being careful, though. But there is a Halloween candy concern to be aware of. We’re no dentists, but we’re just saying, that can be a lot of sugar. Our advice? Moderation is key to enjoying those sweets.


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