Fall Lawn Care Tips

Rake with fallen leaves in the park. Janitor cleans leaves in autumn.

The summertime is when everyone starts taking yard care seriously. It’s more than just a yard full of grass; let’s be honest, it’s a competition for many. Your neighbors mean business and so do you. You are constantly cutting, edging, blowing, and watering, hoping to have the greenest lawn on the block. Although, once the temperature starts to drop, that fire fades for lawn care lovers. If you want to continue to treat your yard with some TLC and upkeep the “best yard” award in your neighborhood, read over these fall lawn care tips!

Don’t Stop Mowing

It’s simple – don’t stop cutting your grass! The grass won’t stop growing until the temperature becomes cool in the winter, and if you are located in Florida, your grass may never frost over. During the fall, especially in Florida, you are in the clear to keep mowing your lawn.

Keep Watering

The same goes for watering. Your yard won’t need to be watered as much as it does in the summer, but it still needs one inch of rain or so each week. If you go through a dry time, don’t hesitate to pull out the sprinkler.

With Fall Comes Leaves

Everyone loves those beautiful orange, red, and yellow trees that come with fall. Although, the downside is that these leaves eventually fill up your yard. Leaves are pretty, but they can spread fungus in your yard, so the sooner you rake them, the better. It is best to use a rake instead of a blower to also remove thatch.

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If you take lawn care seriously, there’s a good chance you already aerated your yard this year. And guess what? It’s time to do it again! By taking this extra step, you will prepare your yard to be soil-rich and green for the next year. Don’t skimp out on this step.

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