Is It Time To Change Your Oil?

Close up of the hand of an asian mechanic. Auto mechanic is checking the engine oil in a vehicle at the garage. Maintenance concept.

Close up of the hand of an asian mechanic. Auto mechanic is checking the engine oil in a vehicle at the garage. Maintenance concept.

Changing the oil is a regular but essential part of your car maintenance. And many people think they know how often they should change the oil in their car. But you might not have the timing down as well as you think. Learn more about changing your car’s oil and how often you should perform this task.

Older vs. Newer Cars

Many drivers learned that they should change their oil every 3,000 miles. But this rule of thumb might not be correct, especially for newer cars. There are two reasons why this rule isn’t the gold standard anymore. First, cars are much more efficient than in the past. And second, modern oils often have improved lubricants. As a result, they last longer and perform better than ever.

How You Drive

For older cars, it’s a good idea to go by the mileage. In fact, if you have your car manual, you might see that there are recommendations based on how you drive. For instance, many manuals distinguish between everyday driving and “severe service.” If you are unsure which guideline to follow, think about how you drive and where you live. You should follow the severe service guideline if you are often in stop-and-go traffic or tow heavy loads.

Newer Cars Need Fewer Changes

Most newer cars have some kind of oil monitoring system. As a result, your vehicle may be able to sense a change in use. It can adjust the time until the next change. In addition, newer oils can last longer before breaking down. However, going longer between oil changes means you must watch your oil levels. It’s crucial to check and add oil regularly. If you don’t, you could run dangerously low and not know it. Running low on oil can cause a lot of damage to your engine.

Oil Change Tips

If you don’t drive often, you may be able to go even longer before you do an oil change. But always check your owner’s manual first. Your manual will have helpful information about how often to change it. And it will also tell you about the best type of oil. Different makes and models take different types and weights of oil. If you put the wrong oil, it can actually damage your car.

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Changing Your Oil

Some people like to change their own oil. But others may not have the time. In addition, you may not know how to do it or might not have the right tools. At Central Florida Toyota in Orlando, Florida, you can rely on the service technicians. Schedule an appointment for service and check the oil change off your to-do list. You’ll prolong the life of your car and reduce the chances of a much more extensive repair down the road.

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