Go Out For Dinner At Bosphorous

Traditional delicious Turkish foods; dried eggplant stuffed (Turkish name; Kuru patlican dolmasi)

Central Florida and Orlando are home to many culinary gems. But one favorite that stands out is Bosphorous. There, you can get a taste of Anatolian or Turkish cuisine. In addition, the restaurant itself offers a feast for the eyes and other senses with authentic décor. Rounding it all out is the exceptional service and attention to detail. It’s time to go out for an unforgettable dinner at Bosphorous.

When to Go

You can taste the delightful food at Bosphorous whether you prefer lunch or dinner. In fact, the restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, you can relax in a Turkish home away from home between 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. But you won’t be the only one looking forward to an exceptional meal, so consider booking a reservation. You can book an available table online at one of the four locations. There are two in Orlando, one in Winter Park, and a Bosphorous in Winter Garden.

Lunch or Dinner

Whether you go to Bosphorous for lunch or dinner, the emphasis is always on fresh food. For instance, the chefs select Halal meat and season it in-house. In addition, each dish comes with fresh vegetables and herbs. Even simple foods become memorable because each kitchen focuses on the highest quality. Choose from a filling lunch menu. Or, plan and reserve a table for dinner.

From Appetizers to Dessert

Come hungry and with friends to make the most of your dinner visit to Bosphorous. There are so many things to choose from that you will want to order several different dishes. For instance, you can start with cold and hot appetizers to whet your appetite. Then, choose a sauté, seafood, or other entrées. You’ll love the many perfectly seasoned lamb, beef, and chicken options. But be sure to also save room for dessert. Taste the flaky perfection of pistachio baklava, or indulge in Turkish pineapple delight. There are too many choices for just one visit. You’ll have to come back.

Bring Bosphorous Home

Although the atmosphere at Bosphorous is part of the fun, sometimes you can’t be there in person. Fortunately, you can order Bosphorous to go. When you go online, you can choose pickup or delivery. In fact, your favorite Turkish dishes are never out of reach. Get all the flavors you love and bring them home. And you can get take-out from all four locations.

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Unequaled Service

Of course, the food speaks for itself. But hospitality and service are just as important to the staff at Bosphorous. As a result, you’ll notice their “polished casual” feel. Fine glass and tableware elevate the experience. But staff also go out of their way to make you feel welcome and valued whenever you come. In fact, they’d love to see you, and all that fantastic Turkish food is waiting. It’s time to have dinner at the Bosphorous!

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