Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

Cute newborn baby wearing Santa Claus hat is sleeping in the xmas gift box. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cute newborn baby wearing Santa Claus hat is sleeping in the xmas gift box. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with a tiny new addition to your family, its even more wondrous. If your searching for ways to make your baby’s first Christmas magical and memorable, keep reading for a ton of great suggestions.

Make an Ornament With Your Babies Handprint

Let’s face it, your baby is unlikely to remember their very first Christmas, but you will. The memories you create with your little one this year will stay with you forever. You can help preserve the them by making an ornament with your baby’s handprint or footprint. You can use this easy hand print making kit.

Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony

One of the best things about creating memories with your baby is that everything is new to them, and babies can make it feel brand new to you too. Take your baby to a tree lighting ceremony and enjoy how amazed they’ll be by all the bright and pretty lights.

Decorate Baby’s Nursery

You probably spend a lot of time with your baby in their nursery. Add a few festive decorations for you and your baby to enjoy while you play with them, rock them to sleep, and read them stories.

Read Christmas Stories

Speaking of reading stories, find a few baby books with fun Christmas rhymes for them to enjoy. Some popular Christmas books are listed below.

Take A Picture With Santa

As stated above, your little one isn’t exactly going to remember their first Christmas. That’s why you should take as many pictures as possible so you can show them what a blast they had. Make sure to get one with your local Santa Clause. Snap a few pictures of them opening their gifts on Christmas morning as well.

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Stay Safe This Christmas

Your little one is still several years too young for their first Toyota from Central Florida Toyota, but make sure you keep them safe during your holiday travels. If this is your first time using a LATCH connector of tether anchor, use these guides to be sure they’re safe and secure.

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