How To Enjoy Fall Fashion In Warm Weather

Young woman walking through the forest wearing floral dress

Young woman walking through the forest wearing floral dress

Fall in Florida does not call for cozy boots, knitted scarves, wool coats, or even a windbreaker. Unfortunately, you would likely be very uncomfortable if you wore the fall fashion staples seen on the streets in other parts of the country. On the bright side, you can still have a fun day at the beach if you like.  We get it though. If the Florida heat is keeping you from enjoying fall fashion, try these wardrobe tips from The Mom Edit.

Fall Colors in Summer Silhouettes

You don’t have to wear a burnt orange petticoat to enjoy fall fashion. You just have to wear burnt orange. Try finding the fall colors on summer pieces. For example, look for an orange midi skirt or a maroon maxi dress. Anything loose, flowy, or strappy that usually reigns in the summer sun can fit in your fall wardrobe if you trade the bright summer colors for dark royal blue, golden yellow, or olive green.

Wear Dresses with Sleeves

It might still be warm enough for a sleeveless sundress, but opt for a dress with deeper tones and sleeves. You can find an option that is breezy enough to be comfortable while still adhering to the autumn aesthetic. Think milkmaid dresses or shirt dresses with fun, rich patterns.

Wear Dark Floral

Speaking of patterns, dark floral pieces have big fall energy. You can find pieces that pack a lot of dark flower power in just about any cut — jumpsuits, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, etc. Add your favorite sneakers and chunky fall accessories and you’ll give off cozy fall vibes without breaking a sweat — literally.

Change Up Your Footwear

Its too hot for Ugg boots but you can still find fall appropriate footwear that isn’t too warm. For instance, you can exchange your flip-flops for a pair of espadrilles and swap your sandals for clogs or sneakers.

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Use Dark Fall Colors in Your Makeup

Instead of vibrant summer makeup, try doing a brown smoky-eye to give your overall look a fall-esque twist. You can also opt for a dark maroon or orange manicure instead of the lighter colors of summer.

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